Hi All :)

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So, February so far has been a little cancellation heavy for lessons - it happens, we all get sick, things get in the way etc etc. I've come up with a new way to deal with repurposing these cancellations and giving you the opportunity to take advantage, if you can and indeed if you want too.

I already have a text broadcast system, but its odd to use and I need to be either on my computer or iPad, doesn't work on my phone (at least not easily), this is being worked on with the new version of MyDriveTime due later this year. Until then I'm going to start using What'sApp, I know many of you already do.

So either in the next few minutes or you've already got it, anybody on my phonebook already using What'sApp will get a group invite to join me. If you don't use What'sApp and want to join, feel free and then I'll send you a link too.

You don't have too, its purely if you want to be notified of cancellation's.....I may also use it for some other stuff too, but primarily cancellation notice's.