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Ok, so it might be raining outside but................

Monday April 26th, I will be back!!! As expected and HOPEFULLY for good this time.

I'd better make the most of the next 5 days off eh!


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It's been a red hot minute - but seems we are now clearing the storm of the lockdown.

Scottish Government have indicated an April 26th restart for driving lessons and theory tests. Driving Tests will restart on 6th May.

Of course all tests are subject to a) you being ready b) space to book and that potentially is going to be the larger issue. Nationally they expect the backlog of expected to be in the 500,000 region, not sure about out local area but it what is ABSOLUTLEY certain is you want to make sure you are 110% ready for any test before you take it as the waiting time for a re-sit could be significant.

I will be reopening my diary from next week - so I'll be in touch.


  • Steve

Huge well done to Jodie, Jake, Ben, Beth, Lise, Louise and Zory - seven test passes in a row!!!

2020 is nearly over - just one more test to go!

2021 already has 5 tests booked, hopefully just the start.........

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