Huge well done to Hannah who got her ticket to driving freedom today. Just one teeny tiny fault and some great compliments from her examiner on her excellent observational skills at a tricky busy crossroads by holding back to see what was going on instead of trying to force her way forwards - enjoy your new lease on life Hannah and stay safe out there!

Yesterday the FM announced that 'car sharing' was to be avoided to help reduce the spread of the virus. A number of you queried how this impacts lessons and tests - a fair question.

I didn't believe it affected us and today the Dept of Transport confirmed that lessons and tests can continue as it's not really car sharing and of course we are taking every precaution possible already.

It's worth saying though that this is a fluid situation and can change if we don't all do the right thing to help reduce transmission. So if you want your lessons and tests to continue please ensure that you consider your own risks. Make sure that if you are feeling unwell, you cancel your lesson and get a test. Follow all the other guidance laid down by the government so that we can carry on interrupted - its up to all of us.

There’s no two ways about it, taking a driving lesson in the current health climate breaks the guidance we are living the rest of our day to day lives-by at the moment.

We simply cant keep two metres apart In the car and to do a 15 minute lesson would mean if would take forever to get to grips with learning to drive and passing your test. So whilst the use of face coverings and my hands being worn to the bone through cleaning the car (only joking i actually quite enjoy it) add a layer of protection, anything else we can do to help lower the spread can only be a good thing eh and if it help’s (even if only a little) to get us back to normal then I’m all for it.

So, we’ve all seen these apps on the news that help alert you to people who you’ve had contact with if they test positive etc etc. You might be for or against them, that’s your choice - but NHS Scotland have now launched their own one and I for one have downloaded and activated it. I would strongly encourage you to do so too considering our interaction levels on a regular basis.

Here’s the official explanation video:-

Join in or not, that’s up to you.


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