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Reversing manouvres are an essential part of driving lessons. They help you to develop your spatial awareness and control of the vehicle. With practice and guidance, you'll soon be able to master these techniques and feel confident behind the wheel.



Reverse Bay Park

Don't worry you wont be asked to reverse between two vehicles - and just remember your vehicle is in reverse, not your steering.


Forward Bay Park

Probably the most common form of parking for the majority of the driving public. Just watch those observations when reversing out of the bay - you wont be alone in the car park.



Reverse on the Road

Your parents wouldn't have done this manoeuvre - it was added a few years back and whilst it seems very straightforward - it can hide some tricky decisions to make if you don't keep aware of your surroundings.


Parallel Park

Parallel parking can be a daunting task for many drivers, but with practice and patience, it can become second nature. Remember to use your mirrors, those important blind spots, and take your time to ensure a safe and successful park. 



Emergency Stop

This is an important skill to have as it can help prevent accidents in emergency situations when you know and are  confident to perform an emergency stop safely.

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