Good Morning/Afternoon/Evening (it's got to be one of these surely).

The below are notifications of new term and conditions for SP Driving School with immediate effect and a notification of price changes coming into effect from 1st October 2020.


A new set of terms and conditions can be found by clicking here.

They have been greatly simplified and I know how boring it is to read these things but at the least I encourage you to review the Covid-19 section for your own information. Over the next day or so a copy of these will sent by email for you to accept and sign (sometimes these things go to Junk, so I will remind you if I don't get it back before lessons restart). As usual any queries just call.



As per my terms and conditions it is necessary to give existing clients 60 days notice of any price changes to my services. All new students will automatically pay the new prices as below but I am extending existing rates for existing clients throughout the notice period.

The following then comes into effect from 1st October 2020 for all:-

Pay as you go rate

1 Hour £30.00 (only available to existing clients)

1.5 HOUR £45.00 (only available to existing clients)

2 hour £60.00

Prepayment rate

4 Hours £116.00 (equivalent £29.00 per hr)

8 Hours £224.00 (equivalent £28.00 per hr)

16 Hours £432.00 (equivalent £27.00 per hr)

Why am I changing my prices?

Well it's certainly not about me trying to afford a better holiday next year or getting a bigger TV. It's reflects a general increase in the running costs of the business mostly due to Covid. It's not something I take lightly and is actually the first time I have had to increase prices for all students in 4 years.

What if I don't accept these price changes?

You are of course free to shop around or choose to stop taking lessons, that's always been your choice. I have done my homework though and looked at the pricing of several other local instructors to make sure that I wasn't being unfair. The majority of instructors have had to increase their prices as a result of the shutdown. I checked with 7 other instructors and found that the average hourly rate for them was now £30.60 with the prepay hourly rate is now £29.20. So you can see that I am still offering better value than the average (in fact I'm still 10% cheaper than the most expensive instructor of the ones I checked).

I've been paying for 6 hrs a month for a while, why the change to 8 or 16?

Partly due to my need to move to 2hr lessons where possible. 6 Hrs was 4 lessons across a month, now that's 8hrs - however I don't want to upset anybody so I'm happy to make concessions for existing clients, just call/txt me and we'll sort something out.


If I prepay for 16 hrs to get the lowest price, what happens if I don't use all those hours?

Simple, you get a refund for whatever you don't use - again that has always been the case. Your MyDriveTime app keeps track of what you've paid and what you've used so you can always check.

Is the 25% discount offer still available?

Yes, absolutely and that's one of the reasons why I offered it. In the first instance it was to thank you for staying a client during the hibernation period of lockdown and secondly to allow you to get ahead of the price changes if you wanted too. Even at the discounted price any hours you don't use will be refunded so feel free to load up at the cheaper price whilst you can.


In addition, because it will now be the end of August before we can get back to lessons I'm going to extend the 25% discount offer until the 30th September and then these new prices take effect the following day.

If you're happy to accept these changes, you don't have to do anything and they will take effect October 1st 2020.

For anything else, please get in touch.