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155 Days in hibernation

So, tomorrow starts a new chapter. Whilst I have had a few key workers doing driving lessons in the last 155 days, Monday at 9am is the start of 'everybody' being able to do lessons again - YAY!

Starting with Lise who only had a few driving lessons before the lockdown happened.

The car is ready, has been for sometime. Its been cleaned more than it's been driven :)

But that pesky little virus is still out there, in fact we know it's quite local up in Coupar Angus at the moment (never have I been more glad to be a vegetarian). I don't have any students from that area but that doesn't mean we are clear of it, so please look after yourself and others. More and more people are going to be coming into the car from tomorrow morning and we all have a collective responsibility to keep this virus out of our training space.

Be truthful about your health, not just on the risk assessment form but with the 48hr text notification and when I ask at the car. There are no more cancellation fees for cancelling even at the last second if you feel unwell. It's better that we don't take the risk at the moment.

For most of you it will have been the same 155 days if not more since you have driven. The good news is it comes back to you pretty quickly, the motor skills you develop for pedals, gears etc never really leave you - you just get rusty.

I'll leave you with a tip - if you've not started to even booked your Theory Test yet - do so. The waiting lines are already long and the further away a driving test becomes and we don't even know what that looks like yet - over 7million attempts were made to book driving tests in England when they reopened the system last week. They had to turn it off because it simply couldn't cope with the demand - we may experience the same in about 6/7 weeks.

Over and out...Steve

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