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Day ONE of the new normal!

And thats a wrap on day one of the new normal in driving lessons.

It may feel slightly different but in many ways its the same - Covid hasn't changed how we change gears, or which mirrors we check or changed the speed limits - but driving lessons now need to consider infection control and that changes the way in which we interact.

Earlier today the Scottish Government made it mandatory for the wearing of face coverings on driving lessons unless you have a medical reason not too. Ok not a problem, planned on wearing one anyway - but it gets hot and stuffy so taking a couple of short breaks during the lesson means we can stop, get out and remove the mask to catch some fresh air - also gives us a good opportunity to talk about how it's going and any changes to make. It also makes the use of the 2hr lesson more viable as trying to fit in everything we need to do and finding space for time-outs becomes harder in shorter lesson time #twohourlessonsarethefuture (if that trends I'll be shocked and amazed)

It's best if you bring your own mask, but trust me I have over 200 of them in the boot, so don't worry if you forget :)

In other news the TAG is coming along nicely. We used it on today's lessons and it showed where we went, how far and how long it took, as well as measuring how good the drive was. Currently it's only on my phone but I'm getting some activation codes in a few days so anybody who wants to have it on their own phone and keep track of how you do, can do so - it only needs bluetooth activated to work - its pretty cool.


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