The First Week

So, it's the end of the first week back, its been fun, some old faces returning and some new faces just starting - I really have missed it.

The car has also never been cleaner, in fact I doubt it was this clean when it left the showroom.

I did a wee poll from all the students this week to see how they felt about the Covid Secure standards I have put in place - pleased to say I got a 100% approval rating on that, with no suggestions of improvements or changes to make - pretty happy with that then.

This is for all those still to do or wanting to book a theory test, the queue keeps getting longer - currently if you try to book a theory tonight, its essentially December before you will get an appointment - now thats pretty crap, but it is what it is, we have no control over it.

So if you haven't but need too, at least get it booked and get on that waiting queue - 3 months is more than you should ever need to prep for the theory test. AND much like the driving test people cancel them all the time so if you keep checking every now and then you might get lucky and find an earlier space that you might be able to do - nothing to lose, everything to gain.

But EVEN more importantly than booking the theory test - make sure you do the work, make sure you do enough work to pass as if things don't improve a 3 month waiting time could become the norm and if you're not successful you may have to wait a considerable amount of time to rebook.



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