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Theory Tests & Theory Test Certificates for Driving Tests

Crikey thats a tongue twister above eh!

Ok, just a real quick post today. Firstly the theory test itself - if you've passed already YAY and well done. If not but you've got it booked YAY and well done. If you've not yet got it booked - get on it NOW. The wait time for theory tests is getting longer and longer, currently about 12 weeks. In some respects that's plenty of time to get ready for it, but trust me, delaying booking it only delays everything else - so lets get cracking.

Secondly, since I've been doing this - the purpose of taking the theory test pass certificate to your driving test seemed pretty redundant. You cant book a test without first passing the theory, and it was one more thing to carry, one more thing to loose blah blah blah.

That has changed - mostly due to the fact that the theory certificates haven't been extended during the lockdown unlike a lot of other areas of our lives were - dont get me started on that, but its not my decision, nothing I can do about it :( So NOW, you have to take your theory certificate to your driving test - ok no biggie, not a problem.......unless you've lost it.

Now this is where it gets weird - they state you MUST take your certificate to the test otherwise your test may not go ahead......but if you've lost it don't bother ordering another one .............wait......what??

I know! I dont get it either, makes absolutely no sense whatsoever! But, let's play the game and if you dont know where it is, try and dig it out now so it's ready.

And for those of you yet to take your theory - put it somewhere safe when you pass eh!

Here is the clipped email from DVSA on this:-

Oh turns out it wasn't a short, quick post after all, never mind :)


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