UPDATE 01/05/22

Hi, hope you are all well?

I want to use this note to remind everybody that in your terms and conditions, late cancellations are subject to charge. Now, I rarely enforce this but the recent level of cancellations has led to me not only updating this, but rethinking it too - to make it fairer for all.

Every time you cancel a booked lesson its basically a cost to me, so with immediate effect a new levy of 50% of the lesson fee will be charged for any late cancellations (within 48hrs of the lesson) instead of the full rate. This 50% largely covers the cost of the lesson, the car, insurance, etc.

BUT....if I can fill that space through the GroupChat then there will be no charge and if you've already paid it I will reverse it to a credit on your account - Fair?? I'm aware that sometimes things happen, life has this habit of getting in the way of plans so I believe this is a fair way of doing this rather than just making you pay for the entire lesson and if you are able to give me more notice I can fill the space much easier.

Every instructor basically across the UK, charges the full price for cancellations - BUT I'm going to go TWO better. Not only, only charging 50%, but if I cancel on you within the same time frame of 48hrs I will credit your account with the 50% charge....now I'm being really fair!! (the only exclusion I will make is if anything happens to the car that needs work - I cant be held accountable for example a puncture, the lesson simply cant go ahead).

Full rate cancellations will still be applicable for any lessons simply not attended, i.e. you forgot and im already outside your house, thankfully that is a very rare instance.

The terms and conditions on my website have already been updated, if you wish for a new copy, please ask - otherwise I will assume you are ok with this.

Anybody not happy, please talk to me first - but remember that every instructor charges for cancellations. I'm just doing it better and fairer.

Thanks for your time, and any questions, you know how to reach me.