UPDATE 12/9/21

Hi, hope you are all well?

Some of you may have noticed a change to my prices on my website - first of all, please don't worry this doesn't change what you are currently paying.

Anybody currently using bank transfer, cash or paying with a debit/credit card in the car - this doesn't apply to yourselves.

If however you pay using the SumUp website, then from October 8th you won't be able to anymore (unless you really want to pay my new prices.....and why would you do that??).

For anybody who wants to continue paying that way, I will send you a personalised link with the amount you request.

The payment page can still be accessed through the MyDriveTime App under the resources button (item no 4 on the list) - or use the link here until October 8th https://steve-pigott-driving-school.sumup.link


Well to keep pace with the rising costs of giving lessons I am having to make some changes to my pricing.

What I won't do though is increase prices for any existing client or even those already waiting on my list, thats just not fair, a deal is a deal - this will only apply to new future students as and when they start.

The new system comes into effect October 8th, until then its business as usual.

Thanks for your time, and any questions, you know how to reach me.