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Justine 01/19

Would like to say a huge thank you to Steve, He has helped me through my lessons and can say as of today I no longer need his help. Thank you again, you have been kind and very patient with me and would definitely recommend you.

Oliver 12/18

Steve was a great instructor. Really friendly and helpful with developing my driving ability. Always gave constructive feedback and made sure I didn’t beat myself up when I did something wrong. Along with this, Steve was easy to talk to, it helped me to take away my attention from trying too hard but would always help to keep me in check should I have a lapse of concentration. My sister and I both acquired his services for our driving lessons and both passed first time with really good experiences to take away from working with Steve. Couldn’t thank him enough for his help.

Matthew 11/18

Steve helped me transition from another instructor at a time where I had very little confidence in my ability to be able to one day pass my test. Steve helped me rebuild my confidence and was always supportive and patient with me, no matter how big of a mistake I made! Steve had a very calming presence, which made learning a lot easier, as well as being always on time to my lessons, and he was always flexible if certain times couldn't be met or needed changing. I would recommend Steve to absolutely anyone, whether they are a completely new driver or is someone who has had experience with a previous instructor. Steve is a great instructor and will ensure you build up the skill and confidence needed to pass your driving test!

Joe 06/19

I can't thank Steve enough for helping to get me through my driving test first time!, he was calm and patient, easy to get along with, and had a knack for encouraging me to realise my own mistakes without just outright telling me which I found very useful, i would highly recommend Steve to anyone wanting to learn to drive, Thanks steve!

Lucy 06/19

So happy to say that with Steve’s teaching and guidance, I have passed my practical first time! I couldn’t have done it without him! Lessons were laid back, full of learning and fun! Recommend him to anyone looking to feel confident and ready for a driving test.

Sara 03/19

Steve is a really patient and calm instructor. I was really nervous about learning. Passed first time. Car is good to drive too.

Lukas 10/19

Steve is a very knowledgeable and patient instructor, with a great attitude. I really liked our driving lessons and I learned a lot. I couldn’t recommend him more.

Matty 09/19

Best instructor out there hands down couldn’t of passed without Steve, great guy

Grace 08/19

Steve has been the best driving instructor I could have asked for. I started with him with no experience and he took me all the way to my test. Makes you feel comfortable in the car and builds up your confidence behind the wheel. Can explain the same thing in a countless amount of ways until you understand what he’s teaching you. Patience of a saint. Would highly recommend.