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driving lessons in perth


Whether you are jumping into the drivers seat for the first time, had a little practise in mums car or even had other instructors in the past - I can help you accomplish the necessary skills to be a lifelong safe member of our roads.

Using quiet, wide roads to begin with we will gradually build your skills and confidence on a wide variety of roads, junctions and situations across the city of Perth, our neighbouring country roads and you will have to drive around the Broxden roundabout (it really isn't that tough, trust me).

Yes, we will of course prep for the eventual driving test you have to take, but learning to drive is so, so much more than just passing a test. You will need to embrace the four pivotal elements of a truly safe driver : Patience, Anticipation, Responsibility and Confidence (that's right PARC).

What you bring to your lesson is just as important as what I can teach you and remember that there is no such thing as failure, it's simply training for future success.

Lessons are held daily in up to 2 Hour appointments up till 10pm Tuesday to Sunday.

Demand for lessons in Perth has always been quite high so I may not have spaces straight away but get in touch and I'll try to give you an estimated wait time.

So, are you ready? Then smash that button below and tell me what you need....

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There are lots of reasons why you would come back to a driving instructor once you passed the test.

Maybe you've recently moved here from another country and need to convert a license.

If could have been a while since you've driven and need a boost.


Has something knocked your confidence and you need a helping hand to get you back behind the wheel.

Post Test courses are a personal reason and as such each session would be personally tailored to you and your needs.

Give me a call and let's find out together what we need to do to get you back up to speed (pun intended!)

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FREE progress tracking APP

Keeping track of your lessons and when the next one is, how much and when you've paid, if you've prepaid how many hours credit you have, what progress you are making and what do you need to work on - all of that is taken care of with MyDriveTime.


Download the App to your phone and you have complete access to your personal journey to your license.


ALL MAJOR DEBIT/credit cards accepted

online payments here

bank transfers welcome

or buy digital gift cards here

1hr lesson £30.00

4hrs £116.00 save £4.00

8hrs £224.00 save £14.00

16hrs £432.00 save £48.00

Other options are available here

all lessons are to be paid for at least 48 hrs in advance


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Learning to drive on today's busy roads isn't the easiest of things and finding a driving instructor to help make that journey a bit more successful, can be a job in its own right.


SP Driving School started in May 2016 and whether it’s with those first steps as a new driver, boosting your confidence or even just getting back behind the wheel, I’ve helped hundred's of people find success with driving lessons in Perth.


A top rated driving instructor should be calm, patient and professional and with over 70 five-star reviews at Yell.com, you don’t have to take my word for it.


I work till late 6 days a week including weekends with tailored tuition and coaching in a clean, modern car with all the safety features you expect.

Lots of info below or get in touch for anything else - thanks for stopping by.

Best regards


steve pigott driving instructor spdrivingschool perth
  • Ford Fiesta 1.5 Turbo Diesel with an ECO mode makes it both quiet and nimble as well as fuel efficient,

  • Titanium models are packed with goodies - rear privacy glass, powered mirrors, auto dipping rear view mirror, dual climate control, auto stop/start and keyless entry and ignition.

  • A spacious cockpit with great all-round visibility, recently i've added wind deflectors to help improve air circulation without getting rained on.

  • It's also stocked up with driver aids including automatic windscreen wipers, lights and high beams (they are cool). A camera reads the road to tell you what the speed limit is and keeps you in lane in case you drift. Reversing camera helps you to park the car (yes you can use them in a driving test) and its also got the reversing beepers too.

  • HD Dashcams are recording all the action front and rear and we can review the footage too to aid any learning.

  • No training car would be complete without those all important Dual Controls, supplied by He-Man, very reliable so if you are late to brake - I'm there.


recognise ANYBODY?

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These are recent, if you want to dig into the archives click HERE


covid secure ready

risk assessment
Cleaning Station
Hand Hygiene
Face Covering
Touch Point
Open Window
Catch It Bin It

Lessons can resume but precautions still have to be met and taken for each lesson for the safety of you, me and our friends and family.


If you are feeling unwell with a high temperature, new persistent cough or loss of sense of/change in taste and smell you should not come to your lesson and immediately follow the guidelines regarding Test and Protect.

  • Risk Assessments - All students and myself must assess their own risk with regard to starting or continuing lessons and making sure that any subsequent changes are taken into consideration before the next lesson.

  • Cleaning Station - just like at your local shop, a personal cleaning station has been set up on the boot stocked with wipes, face coverings, sanitisers and gloves if you haven't bought along your own.

  • Temp Checks - Temp checks may be used using a non contact forehead thermometer.

  • Hand Hygiene - all students should wash their hands throughly before leaving their home but you will be asked to re-sanitise before getting into the car as well.

  • Face Coverings/gloves - we cannot operate physical distancing in the car so face coverings should be worn. You should bring your own where possible. if you wish to wear latex gloves, please do so or I have some in the car.

  • Touch Points - between each driver change (including myself) the car will be cleaned down with anti-viral cleaning materials on all touch points (handles, controls, mirrors etc)

  • Car Cleaning - Seats, pedals and mats will all be sprays with anti-viral sprays between lessons and a deep cleaning fogging system used daily to get to those parts my hands simply cant.

  • Open Window Policy - to improve air circulation we will keep the rear windows slightly and i've also fitted an air purifier.


If you have any more questions regarding driving lessons and Covid precautions, just get in touch.


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Get insured to practise in a friend/family car for less

myfirstuk driving lessons insurance for learners with SP Driving School Perth

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