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Thank you for choosing SP Driving School. Before your first lesson there are a couple of things to complete.

Complete your student account


Mydrivetime app & diary

By now you should have gotten two texts a) download and activate MyDriveTime b) read and sign the my terms and conditions. If you havent gotten them, text me to resend. Please update/correct any information.


Share your license details

Your provisional license only has so much info, the rest of your license is online. but to view it I need a share code, all the detail of how to get and share with me - click below


Pay for your lesson

Finally ensure your lesson is paid for. I ask for all lessons to be pre-paid for at least 48hrs in advance. easy way is online below...

The First Lesson....

Below are a couple of videos that can give you a boost to your first lesson. We would go through all of this anyway but a little knowledge can go a long way, so pull up a chair and let's get learning.

About me.....

I'm Steve and I'll be your driving instructor.

I started SP Driving School in May 2016. Before then I spent nearly 20 years in retail, training people here and the Middle East to be the absolute best they can be. I loved training people but wasn't so keen on being away from home 5 nights a week so I decided to change careers. Now I'm going to use those same skills to transfer over 30 years of driving know-how, to you.

I'm looking forward to meeting and finding out more about you, and even more importantly how to help you achieve your driving goals.

See you soon.

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Training car

Ford Puma 2022

The Ford Puma is currently one the best-selling car's in the UK.

A mild-hybrid engine with 6 speed manual gearbox.

Fully equipped with dual controls and CCTV.


It's also got automatic sensing lights and wipers (one less thing to worry about).

Can't wait for you to drive it.


Check your Eyesight

The legal requirement is to be able to read a vehicle license plate from a distance of 20metres.


It's the first thing they ask you to do on a practical driving test, if you can't read it your forfeit your test. Eyesight tests are FREE in Scotland so there isn't any real excuse not to get them checked if any doubt.


If you are already a glasses or contact lens wearer, please ensure you bring them to every lesson.


Also sunglasses are a very, very good idea - especially during the winter months when low sun and glare can cause lots of problems when driving.


Join the Groupchat

I operate a Whatsapp group chat which you are free to join. To keep the group select to just students I won't post a link here, but you can text me to get the link to join.

I regularly post tips, tricks, videos and also additional spaces that anybody on the chat can book, it is first come first served but you can get extra lessons if you wanted them.

Essential Reading/Links You Need!!

Image 23-07-2023 at 21.51.jpeg

The Highway Code

The essential guide to whats what on the roads, it really is the bible for driving -

you can buy it HERE

Image by John Schnobrich

Book Theory Test


Image 23-07-2023 at 21.51.jpeg

Highway Code Online

or you can read the HighwayCode online for free HERE

person driving car during daytime_edited

Book Driving Test


Image 24-07-2023 at 17.38.jpeg

Essential Guide to Driving

Another great book to assist you in gaining knowledge about the roads - buy it HERE

Image by Rob Hampson

Theory Test App

Get my recommended theory test app HERE


Ok, so if you've downloaded the app, submitted your license share code and paid for your upcoming lesson - your ready.

Remember to wear comfortable shoes and to bring your provisional license to every lesson.

Any questions call/txt me on 07392832547, otherwise I'll see you real soon.

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