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Thanks for choosing SP Driving School, before we get started please ensure you read through and action the points needed from this page, they are pretty simple, but if you get stuck, please contact me on the above.

1 - Before your first lesson, there are FIVE simple tasks I need you to complete from downloading the MyDriveTime app to making sure you can legally drive a car.

2 - If you are completely new to all this, then there are a couple of starter videos that should be watched to give you an idea of whats to come and to help with that very first lesson.

3 - Finally let's review your journey to getting licensed. What are the steps and how can you help yourself quicker and safer to being on the road.

1 - Download and install

your Mydrivetime App

By now you should have gotten a text asking you to download and activate the MyDriveTime app on your phone.

The app gives you access to many things including:-

  • Previous and upcoming lessons

  • Progress and reminders

  • Details of payments and credits for your lessons

  • A huge resource section of tips, advice, videos and learning materials

Check your text messages for the link, if you haven't received it contact me and I will resend it.

The activation code is in the text, it will only last 24hrs so if you dont get around to it in time, its easy for me to resend it, just get in touch.

Welcome 1.jpg

2 - Agree the school's

Terms and Conditions

Also by now you should have had an email regarding the school's Terms and Conditions (sometimes this goes to junk/spam) so have a look there first, but if you haven't had it please get in touch.

It's fairly painless and I've tried to keep the jargon to a minimum, but if there is anything you don't understand, agree with or wish to clarify, please get in touch.

If all ok, you only need to complete the digital signature.

Welcome 3.jpg

3 - Share your driving license details

To ensure that I can legally allow you to drive the school's car you will need to share your driving license details with me.

It's very simple to do - follow the link below and everything will be explained, I've even included a how-to video from a fellow instructor.

Welcome 2.jpg

4 - Check your eyesight is legal to drive

May not be the first thing you think of when starting learning to drive - but, is your eyesight good enough.


The legal requirement is to be able to read a vehicle license plate from a distance of 20metres.


It's the first thing they ask you to do on a practical driving test, if you can't read it your forfeit your test. Eyesight tests are FREE in Scotland so there isn't any real excuse not to get them checked if any doubt.


If you are already a glasses or contact lens wearer, please ensure you bring them to every lesson.


Also sunglasses are a very, very good idea - especially during the winter months when low sun and glare can cause lots of problems when driving.


5 - Payment for your lesson

All lessons should be fully paid for at least 48hrs before the booked appointment.

The simplest way is to visit the online store and pay by debit/credit card (unlike some other school's there are no additional charges for card payments). You can pay as you go or to get better value, try one of our prepayment options. You can view remaining credit from these on the MyDriveTime app.

You can also pay in cash, a bank transfer (details can be texted to you on request) or if you dont want to use your payment card online, we can optionally do so in the car - its up to you.

As per the terms and conditions, any booked lessons cancelled less than 48hrs beforehand will be chargeable, so if you mist change your plans please give as much notice as possible.

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I wish I had the luxury of time to make my own videos, yes this is one I personally did, but the other two are from other companies - but we all pretty much say the same thing.




The Highway Code is the official guide to road laws and regulations in the UK. It's essential that you understand and memorise the information contained in the code, as you will be tested on it during both the Theory and Practical Driving Tests.

You may already have a copy at home, but it is updated every year so it's worth getting a new copy if you haven't already. You can read online or buy a new paperback copy in the links.


The Theory Test consists of multiple-choice questions and a hazard perception test. To Prepare, you can use online/app practise tests, textbooks or even a DVD study guide. It's recommended that you take several practice tests to familiarise yourself with the format and to assess your understanding of the material.

Clock Read More for the Theory Test page and links to recommended apps.


Join the WhatsApp GroupChat

As an option, you can join the WhatsApp GroupChat.

Here I post extra spaces in my diary for anybody to book if you want/can do additional lessons. As well as tips, advice, videos and anything else I think can be of help to learner drivers.

If you want to join, just ask me an invite link.

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